NEPA Programs

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Program is managed out of the Central Office in Richmond, with teams of NEPA practitioners around the commonwealth in each of the nine construction districts.

The Program’s focus is on reviewing potential environmental impacts and ensuring compliance with NEPA as well as other applicable laws and regulations related to transportation projects.

Programmatic Agreement for Categorical Exclusions

For project actions meeting specific criteria that are classified as Categorical Exclusions (CEs), VDOT and the Federal Highway Administration have established a programmatic agreement (PA) for the manner in which these projects are reviewed under NEPA.  The Virginia PA for Categorical Exclusions, which was executed on October 16, 2017, establishes the process for completing categorical exclusions for federal-aid highway projects.

Location Studies Consultant Guidance Documents

For larger projects requiring more extensive review under NEPA, VDOT’s NEPA Program – Locations Studies section provides the following resource guidance documents that together were developed to help streamline the preparation of NEPA studies.  

These should not be considered all-encompassing guidance for the completion of NEPA analyses and documentation.

Instead, they are intended to provide general guidance for various aspects of NEPA studies.  

These guidance documents may be updated periodically and may not apply to all NEPA studies.  

Coordination with VDOT’s NEPA Program – Locations Studies section is necessary to determine the appropriate application of these documents.

Consultant Guidance Documents

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